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About the Spectrum Auction Test Suite (SATS)

SATS is a universal “Spectrum Auction Test Suite” which contains seven value models (some stylized and some realistic) for spectrum auctions.

The SATS software provides auction instance generators for each of the value models, i.e., it allows a user to generate an arbitrary number of auction instances for any of the spectrum value models. For four of the models, SATS also contains a MIP formulation for the winner determination problem, which enables users to quickly find the efficient allocation of the auction.


SATS can be accessed in four different ways, to ensure it can be used for very basic and very sophisticated use cases.

We are releasing SATS under the GNU Affero license. Contributions are welcome. If you want to contribute to the software, please contact us or follow the contribution guidelines in our Github Projects.

Copyright M. Weiss, S. Seuken, B. Lubin, University of Zurich and Boston University. Distributed by an AGPL-3.0 license.